ММА-Käfig Diameter 8 Meter auf kleinem Podium 0,5 Meter

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The professional MMA  Cage  8 meters in diameter on the podium height of 0.5 meters. Ideal for competition and training at the highest level.

Mesh netting thickness is: 4.2 mm + 1.5 mm of a polymer coating which guarantees a safe contact of fighters with cage elements.  As per your request, logo plotting is available on the octagon floor cover, side and upper protective pillows of a cage.

The kit includes: the cell segments, collapsible design of the podium, mats, flooring, protective interior and exterior cushions, door, fastening systems, ladder lifting fighters in the cage, instructions for assembly and disassembly, and video guide.

For Further Assistance call +7(961)226-20-69

Upon request, we can cover all the elements of the podium polymer composition (required if the product is frequently operated in high humidity areas or in the open air, under the influence of bad weather) +14 000 rub. to the cost.

Produce fast-podium on bezboltovom connection +26 000 rubles.

We can do for you cell of any size can manufacture any equipment, as well as to design and build “a room-key.” Just call us at +7 (952) 908-77-96 and get a full consultation.

Size: 8 mетров в диаm.
Color: по желанию заказчика