Boxsack SPARTA. Ewig. “der Ball” . Grösse 80×65 cm, w 50-60 kg.

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Punch Bag “Ball” The world’s first bag with a lifetime warranty.

If something happens with the bag , then it must be send to us and we make a warranty repair, or change the bag.

The bag is made of leather with a thickness of more than 2.5 mm. “Titanium” tanning. Tanning of the skin occurs with the use of titanyl sulfate and ammonium, which makes the bag not only strong, but eternal.

On the inside, the bag is glued with an additional layer of tarpaulin to increase the strength, then a 1.5 cm thick foam sleeve is inserted, andbag is stuffed with rubber chips. Solid double stitch on the lugs guarantee durability of bag mount system.. Lugs are made from a special reinforced slings, which can withstand enormous loads.

Size: 65 х 80 сm.
Weight: 50-60 kg.