Träger auf Stützen für Boxsäcke “Roy”

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A unique beam on the supports, created specifically for the suspension of heavy boxing bags. Mount this beam to the floor, using anchors. Heavy boxing bags, regardless of weight, are held securely and stably on the beam.

The construction is bolted and very reliable. Is going fast. The instruction will be attached.

This beam has a unique roll-over system that allows you to move bags in any direction. On the carriages of the rolling system, special locks are provided, which allows to fix the bag in the required position.

The color of the matte polymer coating can be any of your choice.

Number of carriages: 3 pcs.

Number of places to attach boxing bags: 5 pcs.

Length of span: 4,49 m.

Frame height: 2.58 m.

Width: 1.54 m.

Any Colour